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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Playing Possum

As I sit here tonight drinking wine, eating chocolate that I've raided from my daughters' yet to be made Easter baskets, I wonder...when did I lose the upper hand?
I just acted like a complete idiot trying to get my child to fall asleep.  First I ignored her, until she upped the ante to licking my cheek.  Next I was stern with her and told her it was time for bed.  She cried even louder, then rolled around the bed laughing like a lunatic.  Finally, and this is where I question my sanity...I PRETENDED to be ASLEEP.  What is wrong with me?  What kind of grown woman pretends to be asleep to hide from her 2 year old daughter???

Do other parents actually do this, too?  No matter what she did, I played possum.  She pulled my hair, I was asleep.  She pretended to be a cat, I was asleep.  She picked my nose, I was asleep.  The crazy thing worked.  

By the way, chocolate covered Peeps are the bomb.

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