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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Isn't The Term "Boob Tube" A Bit Harsh??

My four year old daughter thinks that she can speak Spanish. Now, she does know some actual Spanish words, thanks to Dora and Diego, but she thinks she is actually fluent in Spanish. She will rattle off some kind of nonsensical gibberish and claim that it's Spanish. I LOVE this.

Most mothers I know are usually feeling a bit guilty for letting their kids watch TV.  Society has ingrained in our psyche that if you put your tot in front of the television, you're neglecting them, which equals being a bad mom.

I'm here to try and dispel that myth.

My precious learned the word "privacy" from a TV show and used it correctly telling me that she needed some when she headed into the bathroom. 

Another thing...she knows the difference between a Aptosaurus and a Stegosaurus, and I don't, so I certainly didn't teach it to her...thanks Dino Dan.

She used the word allegro to tell me to hurry up after watching Little Einsteins.

Now, I'm certainly not saying to plop your kid in front of the TV for hours upon end, but what I am saying is that moms, let's not beat ourselves up over an hour of Strawberry Shortcake (the new version, sadly not the original) so that we can get dinner on the table.

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