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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Things I said that I’d NEVER do when I had kids, that I now do:

  1. Have a living room full of toys, including a tent
  2. Let both kids sleep in bed with me (while I wear earplugs)
  3. Let them wear their pjs all day, and sometimes wear them out to the grocery store
  4. Allow them to use my $25 Chanel lipgloss
  5. Live on a diet of chicken nuggets and hot dogs (them not me)
  6. Let them make a mess of the toy section when shopping, including of course the things that I sneak OUT of the cart and put where they don't belong before checking out
  7. Watch children's programming 90% of the time and know all the words to most theme songs (I've googled every one of the Freshbeats)
  8. Tell them they can have a prize if they (insert bribe)

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