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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Perfect Foundation

I'm in search of the perfect foundation. I've tried everything from the most expensive, to the cheap drugstore brands and I'm still not satisfied.
I believe I've come to a it the makeup, or my aging skin.

I think I've almost got it right. So far, my favorite is the HD makeup from Make Up Forever, but something is still not right. I LOVE the way it looks when I apply it, but find that later in the day, I'm looking a little blotchy and tired. Again, I ask myself is it the makeup or me? As I approach 40, (I still get to use the word "approach" since I'm still a few months away) it seems that it's harder and harder to find something that makes me look relatively flawless, but not masky.

No matter what the answer, things can only be improved by finding the perfect makeup, so the search continues.

  Let me say that I used to balk at the idea of getting Botox, or some equivalent, but now I'm actually considering it. Does that make me a bad person? Should I be honest about it, or pretend that I have good genes?

Many things to consider...

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