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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What NEVER to Wear

So, what do we wear when sweatpants are not an option?

 I've thought long and hard about this: What exactly is appropriate when you're a middle-aged mommy who's not quite ready to surrender to Coldwater Creek?

Now although I do want to maintain somewhat of a coolness factor, I do not want to be noticed because I'm trying to look, well, too cool.  After a recent trip to Vegas, I was bewildered by the number of  women trying to dress much younger than what their driver's license says.

 First let me say that I hate the terms "Cougar" and "MILF" and while some woman can get away with leather pants and skinny jeans when they're forty, more often than not, trying to dress much younger than your age is a slippery (downward) slope.

You know what I mean. We've all been amazed at the mall when we've encountered women in teenager miniskirts with granny faces, ladies wearing knock off Manolos with 80's bangs, middle aged women attempting to rock the Victoria's Secret "PINK" line, and last but not least, the original grunge girl trying to re-wear the initial trend and not understanding that the new trend is "inspired by" and not a chance to bust out the ole' Doc Martins.

I think it's best to play it safe and leave the skintight animal prints and synthetic pants to the younger sect.

Do not lose hope.  It is possible to look somewhat cool and still feel comfortable showing up at the park with your kids.

After receiving a few, be they backhanded compliments, (most recently the hated, "I didn't think you were that old!"), I have learned a few things that seem to always work for me:  a denim jacket (in a current shade), a cool scarf, nice hoop earrings, a flattering (and somewhat expensive) pair of sunglasses, and my personal favorite, a beautiful, bright colored lipstick that looks great on you and makes you feel and look (age appropriately) smokin'.  ;)

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