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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Keep it Fair, Mommies

We all just want to fit in.  We want things to be fair.  Nobody wants to show up in jeans for the soiree when everyone else is wearing party dresses.  I liken this comparison to when you show up to drop the kids off at dance class (or wherever you take YOUR kids early on Saturday morning), wearing huge sunglasses and hoping that all the rest of the mothers look as crappy as you do.
Recently after returning from a trip to Florida, my husband brought each of my daughters a large princess lollipop.  Of course, he laid his gifts out on the kitchen bar so they would see them as soon as they awoke.  Not surprisingly, they assumed that they would be having candy for breakfast. 

After explaining to them that they would have to wait until at least 10:30 before they would be allowed to enjoy the monster sized pops, they were swiftly hidden.

Later, when it was finally time to enjoy the pops, my eldest daughter was distraught to discover that her princess pop was (gasp) broken.  Always the problem solver, she asked if she could have her younger sister's pop.  After being told that that wouldn't be fair, she asked the most logical question that I've heard..."Well, could you at least break Natalie's???" 
Once again...we just want things to be fair.

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