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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweatpant Intervention

 Before I had children, I would be out and see mothers dressed in, let's say less than flattering clothing, and think to myself, "Have they just given up?"

Now having two children of my own I realize the answer...sometimes.
I must now share one of my most humiliating fashion moments.  Prepare yourself.

First let me explain that on this dark day, I decided to make a "quick" trip to Target, subconsciously knowing that  there is no such thing anymore, but I digress.  I quickly threw on a t-shirt, my trusty black cropped sweats, (the horror), and some awful pink flip-flops. I thew my hair into a messy ponytail, and sans make-up, the girls and I headed out. 

I was doing a pretty good job of keeping the kids in (or at least near the cart), avoiding the princess section, and grabbing just the necessities: milk, bread, fashion magazine, Twix.

I spy, of course, my former boss in the card section.  She is looking glamorous and well put together as ever.  I try to swerve left, but alas am spotted.  We have an awkward, short conversation, then I excuse myself as my youngest child is sweeping the floor with her belly.

Humiliated that I was spotted out looking so slobby, I slink through the checkout and head home to fill the kiddie pool.  Preparing to change into my bathing suit, I realize that there is a rather large hole in the ass of my favorite sweats.  In addition, I have luckily worn white panties beneath them, further advertising my homeless lady ensemble.

The moral of the story is:  I had become that woman that I had dismissed as pathetic not so long ago.  Soon after that my younger sister staged a sweatpant intervention.  After confronting me, she confiscated all but 2 pair and forced me to shop for some actual suitable clothing.

So, I'm wondering...what is the minimum effort that moms should put into their appearance before leaving the house?   


  1. As a mom of 3, I have found it very hard to find time for myself. My effort is usually getting my children dressed and ready for the day, leaving about 3 minutes for myself....below is my 3 minute ritual

    1.teeth brushed, or a least suck on a mint
    2.clean underwear and bra
    3. Lip gloss, bronzer, perhaps mascara if time permits
    4.trusty black yoga pants that look good on any size bum
    5.pair w/ uggs, flops, or cute flats...

    out the door!

    Mommy to 3 beauties

  2. Sounds way too familiar. SCARY familiar!

  3. WOW!! I can completely relate! I always said I would never be "that" mom. I am so guilty!! I could use an intervention too! :)

  4. Every time I run out for a few quick things at the store, I run into EVERYONE I know in my town. The last time I decided to go to Wally world, Price Chopper and Marshalls sans makeup and wearing my grey capri pants with tan ugghs on, (I can hear you laughing, because you have worn this get-up as well) I ran into 13 yes 13 people I know, some of whom I hadn't seen since my divorce. One of my very good friends pointed out to me,(yup ran into her as well) it will be hard enough to meet men with 2 small boys and one day a week kid free, but what the hell were you thinking with this get up??? My momma always said, never go out of the house without putting your face on. She was right!
    Momma of 2 munchkins

  5. Jeans are my bottom line. If I can, at least, wear jeans, somehow I feel human. I don't know if that' s sad but, at least, I feel like I've made a valiant effort in the fight.


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