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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Hello and welcome.
My name is Jen and I drive a minivan.

 If you also feel that you need a support group to deal with this sad fact of life, I am here for you.  The day my cute little SUV was traded in for an awful, blue minivan was the official death of cool for me.

 Largely pregnant with my second child, I somehow allowed myself to be convinced that a minivan was the answer to our future travel challenges. 

True: we would need two giant car seats, as our first daughter was just one.
True: the double stroller was a ridiculous monstrosity and I would have room to store other things.
True: the double DVD player was kind of cool.

I was still resistant.  Now 2 years later and driving my second minivan, I have noticed some perks to driving the MV, as I now refer to it. 
  • I like to think of my MV as my own personal "invisibility jet" as I virtually become invisible to the outside world while driving it.  I have not been pulled over for speeding, or any other traffic violation since I began driving it
  • I don't get ogled by men anymore and on the rare occasion that an ogling does occur, I simply flash the "really dude, I'm driving a minivan" look...invisibility restored.
  • When going out with my childless friends, I don't have to drive.  I've got the giant car seats in the back.  It's a built in designated driver.
  • There is enough food that my children have dropped on the floor and under the seats that we could easily survive for a week or so if stranded in a snowstorm or lost in the backwoods of NY somewhere.
I have accepted my fate as a minivan driver, but that doesn't mean that I like it...


  1. You are still among one of the coolest and hottest I know!

  2. HI Jen,

    Here's something...
    As I quickly approach my "20/20" as I like to refer to my pending big birthday, I have pretty much given up on any hope of coolness except in the eyes of the 5-6 year old set who think my house has good dress up clothes (see file - 80's prom dresses).
    When I talk to the babysitters thinking "they will think I am cool since I watch Glee too" I need to remind myself I was graduating from college about the time they were born and they just see me as another mom. At least I still drive a VW Bug...


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