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Saturday, March 5, 2011

There were four in the bed

Oh the nighttime struggle...

I'm posting this in the hopes that all of you moms out there will offer some advice.

It seems that my daughters want to sleep with me.  Oh yes, they'll take daddy in a pinch, but it's really me they're after.  I'll admit, I do enjoy the initial cuddle at bedtime.  The snuggle, the stories, which always seem to end with rainbows and unicorns, but it's the rest of the night that's the problem.

On average, I probably wake up 4 times a night.  My youngest would prefer that I face her.  She will awaken from a dead sleep the moment that I roll over and insist that she "needs me", which means she is looking for some literal face time.  Although it is completely dark, she knows.

  I have crept out in the dead of night, long after everyone has been certified as sleeping, headed to another locale, be it the couch, another child's empty bed, the futon in the basement...wherever it may be.  One child or the other seems to have mommy radar and rises from the dead to look for me not ten minutes after I have found a comfy spot to rest.  I hear the midnight mommy call and try to ignore it.  I have tried fans as background noise, earplugs to block out their cries.  Their father seems immune to it as he does not stir.

They always find me.
How do they know?

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  1. Tough love! We had to break the habit with Katie and it was very difficult, but in the end, what was best for everyone!! It is actually better for the children to sleep in their bed-teaches independence and security. There were a few tough nights with Katie (screaming, hands under the door, etc.) but it did work. We never started the habit with Brett. Good luck, but be strong!!


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