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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Embarrassing Questions, No Good Answers

Lately my little darlings have had many questions from the mundane to the brilliant

My favorites are the ones that make me stifle a laugh as I struggle to regain my composure.

Here goes:

Mom, if they're Irish, what species am I?

When I grow up will I have boobs?  Will they be big?

Can I sit by your friend with the big hiney-do? (Our word for behind)
Why doesn't that boy match his parents?

When will I get my princess hair?

Doesn't Nana's hair look like Dora's?

Would you like me to get you a little diaper? (Tampon)

Why is there a mustache on your lap?  (Can't even use the bathroom alone, see also above)

Look at that girl with the pink hair.  Isn't she beautiful?

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