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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Plymouth Invasion

 Trying out the Pilgrim chair

Enthralled with the Native People

We really just want to play hide and seek

The Pilgrim Garden
An amazing thing happened on our family vacation...I learned a lot about my children. 

 At Plymouth Plantation, my eldest, refused to use the politically correct term "native people" saying, "I like to call them Indians".  (Insert mom cringe) 

She became quite shy in the face of history.  We had talked all about the Mayflower and Plymouth Plantation, which she was very excited about visiting.  She referred to it as "the place where people pretend to be from long ago".  I told her about how she could ask lots of questions. 
 She had nothing to say. 

But she did ask our waitress at the hotel what all the spots were that were on her arms (freckles).

My youngest, who never sits still, found the one child "actress" at the plantation and quickly initiated a game of hide and seek, tempting her to break character.  When the actress fell and skinned her knee, mommy rescued her with good 'ole fashioned 21st century Neosporin and band-aids while the other tourists looked on.

The most interesting discovery was that no matter how hard we try, the girls absolutely refuse to ride in the stroller at the mall, but insisted on riding in the stroller through every museum and attraction we visited.

Most enlightening of all, the hotel was the best part, as far as they were concerned. My daughter sat at the breakfast buffet, enchanted and acted like she was the Queen of England.

Hotel Gymnastics

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  1. Looks like you're having fun! Great pictures capturing it all. :)


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