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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Mom Suit

"I got a mom suit," my sister reported, resigned to the fact that her bikini days have passed, or least put indefinitely on hold.  She was talking about her new summer bathing suit. 

We can kid ourselves into thinking that it's "retro", or that we're rocking the '50's pinup style...

It's still a mom suit. 

There comes a time when all moms realize that for one reason or another, the mom suit is necessary. 
Most common reasons for having the epiphany:

1.  The bod calls for it.  The stomach is in no way ready to have the light of day cast upon it.  How horrifying it would be if a saggy boob might slip its way into the sun.

2.  Your child may cause you to be arrested for indecent exposure.  No matter the age, young children seem compelled to pull at the straps, or are just curious to see what's in those padded support cups.

Don't feel that you need to run to the granny section right away, there are some cute options out there.



  1. I've been in a mom suit since I became a mom!! Thankfully Lands End has some cute options so I dont feel like a grandma!!! The tankini is a must now though with kids, who has the time to pull eveything down when you are chasing after kids!! Even though mine are a bit older now, 12, 9, & 6, I still need a fast option!! I can really rock a swim "mini"!!! Way too cute picture of your daughter!!!!

    Kathy - visting from VoiceBoks!

  2. Giggle, since I am a granny ( I have five grandchildren) I think I could probably wear one of these. Have a great weekend. Big hugs from your VB friend.

  3. The models in your pictures don't look like mummies to me. Seriously, I think bathing suits are stylish fashion items for every woman, and the images you chose prove my point! Especially when you finish them off with a sarong dress of skirt. For ways to fold and tie a sarong, see
    x Debs

  4. I made the move this year.
    New follower visiting from voiceBoks.
    PS - I was #40! :)


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