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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Invisible Robot Granny

Ahhh, the invisible friend, or rather, in my daughter's case, Invisible Robot Granny. 
She came along around a year ago.  I get the "invisible", and the "granny", but why the robot?  Anyway, sometimes she visits quite often, or months can go by between appearances.  I myself did not have an invisible friend, but both my siblings did.  I understand this is pretty normal for kids, but sometimes I wonder...

When asked by her uncle Steve (who had his own Mrs. Brisby) what Invisible Robot Granny looks like, my daughter described her as having, "rainbow hair, eight arms, and large teeth".  She sounds a lot like "IT" the clown from a Stephen King novel, but Lucy doesn't seem scared of her at all.  In fact, Invisible Robot Granny can do amazing feats.

Invisible Robot Granny can fly, hide mommy's ipod, and apparently accidentally pee on the floor.  She's also the one who taught Lucy to say "dammit" to the dog.  Not surprisingly, Natalie can see her, too. 

I'm a little worried now, because Lucy asked me today if I knew her Robot Pirate Uncle from Greenland.  Yes, Greenland.  Her actual Granny got her a globe for her birthday. 

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